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    Hey guys,

    First of all, I wanna turn to anyone who is able to get a good keyword ranking. Here's what I do.

    I have a review site. Usually I choose a good IM Product launch, make a review and target specific keyword ~ which means something like 'product name review'~.

    Here's what I do for my SEO :

    Tools that I use :

    - Article Rewrite Assistant, Rankbuilder, Sich Submitter and Scrapebox.

    What I usually do:

    1) I spun an IM related article with Article Rewrite Assistant - usually till I get at least 80% uniqueness

    2) I use Rank Builder to submit the articles with my links that contain my Keyword. Usually I get atleast 25 backlinks from those Webb 2.0 directories.

    3) I create a RSS feed with the links that I get with Web 2.0 directories.

    4) Submit the RSS feed to many rss aggregators.

    5) Then I ping the links with Sick Submitter Pingler Mode

    6) After that blast the links from web 2.0 with Scrapebox

    7) I run 'check links' and extract the URL's

    8) I ping the found backlinks with Sick Submitter Pingler

    I do that everyday!!! Sometimes i do it even twice a day! Sometimes I also do Link Magnet ~ It's a Not Closed Link Wheels solution from Sean Donahoe~

    The Problem:

    So at the begining I am on first page ... around 5th position, but when the launch time is close I lose all my positions! I know one of my competitions makes killing for every single keyword he try to rank. It totally pissing me off. Imagine how much SEO Efforts I put and in the end ... NOTHING!

    My Question:

    What the hell am I doing wrong? I know Im doing something wrong or probably everything, I dont know. That's why I want to ask you guys, for any advices or something like that.

    Im kinda stucked so I need your help!