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    Hello everyone! I'm Dragos and i have 22y. Currently i'm living in Italy, but i'm from Romania. I just want to tell my story and maybe receive some advices from you. I'm reading this forum for more than 1 year and i feel like i'm fully retarded. I tried lots of methods, invested some money (e.g.: backlinks, fiverr stuff, some tools, hosting, domains...)- not a big amount, but still some money.

    I use to think about myself that i have some knowledge in the internet/computers area... and i know that doesn't grant me the possibility of making online money...but one of my main thoughts when i read some threads here on BHW is : "Why the hell i'm so retarded, if someone with less knowledge in internet/computers (<-assumed by the OP words) can make money online, why i can't do it?".

    I can say that i have started very well, last year in February i made my first CickBank sale. After 2 months of hard work, i made my first sale. I've got the second sale, the third, etc. and at one moment i have reached my first 200$ online, and the only investment was the domain and the host. I was so happy.

    Before starting the IM stuff, i worked at Electronic Arts as a Game Tester and that thing helped me a lot because the product i promoted from ClickBank, was a Guide for a game made by EA, and it really helped me because i knew a lot of things about the game.

    In the meantime, in April 2011 i really needed a stable income and i started again to work at EA, and i let down everything i've done online. At the end of the year my father's illness became a pain in the ass for the whole family and we moved to Italy because he should stay closer to the hospital were he is treating his illness.

    Now, whithout a job and with small chances of being hired soon, i started again the IM work, but after 3 months of trying and working, i do like $0.30 - $1 a day on a good day :))
    I tried MNS, ClickBank again, methods involving sending mails, etc., now with Youtube+PPD...but it's like nothing it's working for me....

    I know stuff like wordpress (configure, plugins, themes, etc - and also other cms), basic photoshop (logos, modifying images,etc.), basic, i am able to modify themes, html templates, editing videos, and i don't know...i'm that guy that have my 15 close friends and the others 100 that i know are saving my phone number in case of computer emergency... :))

    I just wanted a boost from you guys, because i feel so retarded seeing nothing works for me. I don't know, if someone need a grunt for your work i can do it or if someone need a partner for a project, i can help. Also i can do things without money, if i can learn something from it, for me it's more than money.

    Thanks for reading my "story" and i'm really waiting for your advices.