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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by odiamo tutti, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. odiamo tutti

    odiamo tutti Newbie

    Nov 3, 2017
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    I am very confused
    I have several pressures and several goals
    I am trying to achieve them gradually
    All I need is planning well and trying to apply that planning
    I am an 18 year old student
    I have an empty hour every day I want to use to work online (an hour or an hour and a half or two hours)
    I have a budget of $ 40
    I want to do something and to train in a certain field. For example, starting next season, get a first income of $ 150 a month.
    In the next year $ 300 per month
    In the next year $ 500
    And the annual year 1000 dollars in poetry and is the last year for me in the study of the National School of Commerce and Management in Morocco I intend to complete my studies in France and so for anyone who wants to help me give him the skype or similar only guidance or tips etc ...
    Because I have several goals I want to achieve by working online
    Because after 5 years I will graduate and find a job with a salary of $ 800 here in Morocco
    But my goals are bigger than the pounds of a silly salary and work from 8-12 and 2-6
  2. Ninah

    Ninah Junior Member

    Aug 16, 2016
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    So you want to earn $150 per month in the first year and you have only two hours daily? You have no experience and almost no funds to invest. I suggest you this:
    1. Pick a niche for online deals that you want to promote (e.g. beauty deals, deals for men, deals for moms, electronic deals);
    2. Create page at facebook where you will be posting those deals, add some simple logo and header, plus affiliate disclaimer;
    3. Go to websites like dealmoon.com, sickdeals.net, find few deals in your niche and add them to your fb page (for now without affiliate links);
    3. Create account at skimlinks or viglinks (instead of your website url give them your fb page url, you can also buy domain and redirect it to your fb page);
    4. Join to as many as you can fb groups where people post amazon deals, ebay deals etc. Try to join only 5 groups per day. You don't want to get join to group block;
    5. Post everyday up to 10-20 deals in your niche and repost them only once per day to all groups (the best time - morning hours in USA). Also share your fb page url in comments on your niche related websites, blogs, try at youtube also but be careful with that not that easy to spam yt comments.

    Be creative and add your twist. You will get up to $150 per month and you spend only an hour per day doing this. Next hour spend here, read as much as you can. Collect money and reinvest them into something bigger when you will be ready.

    I started this way, from the point I didn't know ANYTHING about seo or IM, I was doing this for 6 months, buy few toys for my kid, and the rest reinvested. Doing this for an hour daily and for the rest time I read this forum as much as I can. This isn't the method where you will get rich or earn quick money (you will have to wait for the payment for two months). But you don't need money to invest, so you don't loose anything, don't need lot of time, and this is so simple that everyone can do this. GL.