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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheMuttsNutts, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. TheMuttsNutts

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    Apr 23, 2014
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    Helping son get started on importing
    Porth near Cardiff Wales
    OK here we go
    Bought a package with homestead (laughter) registered 100+ domains , paid $5.00+ per domain and a monthly charge $2.00 per domain on 3 accounts
    I work now in The UK and have/did escort sites very worthwhile ,until I get this message from homestead
    as follows

    As a passive conduit, we cannot monitor user websites, but we respond
    to breaches of our user agreement when we learn of such behavior.

    It was brought to our attention that your website was engaging in
    unauthorized activities as specified under our Terms of Service,
    specifically, the promotion of prostitution, escort services or other
    services which would cause Homestead to violate local, state or federal

    Your account has been closed. The following domains have been unlocked
    and the authorization codes will be sent in 48 hours to.

    Not 1 of my customers were in the U.S

    I am operating in the UK (ONLY DOING THE SITES ) what state and federal laws.?
    I have the codes But have tried the likes of godaddy etc
    "more laughter. " to transfer
    Now all the domain names are with tocows ,Yes worked out who they are.(tucows)

    Try a UK major city with .COM with whis most will be blu*****promotions that's me
    I tried to let them expire and re register , but all are locked to tocows

    Is ther a way out of this, as have many takers for these sites. My plan is/was to rent them at £20.00 per month and had/have customers.
    Now the sites were rented at £20.00 per month 50% rented is $1000 a month was going very well

    80% of the sites came on Goggle page 1 for what would be the relevant search.
    My input I have the Clients, Need someone to sort the sites and re registration (my expense) If can be done.

    Have posted re drop shipping the 2 are connected (100 sites link back products that sell on the above sites)