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    Hey everyone. My portfolio site, im having a little bit of a problem with it.. Ive had the domain for about 3 years and about 2 years ago I bought some links and im thinking those links may of hurt my site. When I google the actual name of the domain (but with spaces between the words) I dont come up at all. However, when I google "" I do see that the pages are indexed. In webmaster tools I have no messages and no manual actions.

    When I use this tool:
    I get: " is possibly penalized or sandboxed by google!"

    When I use this tool:
    I get: "Google has Blocked your IP. Please try after some time..."

    When I use this tool:
    I get: "Server status ok no penalty"

    I also used another one (Cant remember what one it was) that said the URL was clean

    So I dont know what the heck is going on, in my webmaster tools Im not getting any messages or anything about it..

    Please note that about 6 to 7 months ago I overhauled the site with new content, new CMS, new layout, new on site SEO. Some of the old back links are still out there.

    Im not too sure what the hell is going on or what I should do..

    I don't really want to start a new domain but I guess if I have to I have to its just my server is configured to the one I have now with its nameserver and all that crap.