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    i realized i had ppvd on my system so i though, why not throw some $$$ at ppv+cpa and see where I wind up....

    i'm split testing campaigns w/ppvd....i'm running 2 types of campaigns....

    #1 campaign i have set up a variety of personally made landing pages to high paying offers. I'm using ppvd here to rotate through 5-8 different home made landing pages to see which gets the most click throughs.

    #2 campaign i have set up direct link (redirect) to a simple submit offer. i'm rotating through 8-10 offers to see which gets the most sign ups.

    the problem i have is with #2. ppvd isn't redirecting/loading my offer. i don't know why. with my first campaign, ppvd redirected to my campaign w/no problem. For example, if TV showed that 1000 views were delivered and if i go to check the stats in PPVD, then i see 1000 views to that first campaign.

    but with the second campaign, the offer's not redirecting to my zip/email offer. if TV shows 1000 views, ppvd shows only 10 views were delivered....

    has anybody had this problem b4 with ppvd? any ideas on how i can fix this? any other (better) traffic splitter/tracking software i could be using?

    atm, i'm using hostgator virtual dedicated server, and i haven't really pushed the bandwidth or flooded the site w/ i don't think it's anythiing going on there...

    any advice would be appreciated...


    oh, also wanted to add that i'm redirecting to different offers across different networks..not just one, so it's not like there's one network not loading up for me.
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