Advice to choose mass mailing host ($ negotiable)

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    Feb 20, 2010
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    I'm searching for a hoster that allows me to run my affiliate email campaigns :


    - tolerance to spam complains;
    - send many (already verified) emails per day (10.000+ per day) - european user accounts.
    - CPanel to run my website and my Licenced Mailing list manager;
    - I don't want to use random gmail accounts or proxys, I want to use my stantard [email protected] accounts and a clean/standart configuration.
    - Budget: up to +- $40 per month.

    Everybody recomends a VPS, but I've never used or configured a VPS and I don't know how to configure Omnistar Mailer, smtp or my website on it. In this case, will it be easy? **noob!**

    $ will be negotiable, it depends of the kind of information you offer. PM me!
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