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    Jul 13, 2015
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    I'd like to go full time online. Review my ideas below and tell me what you think. How viable is the idea? Are there too many people doing the same thing? Could I make a living with the idea?

    1. Using a bot (with captcha/email/proxy/ect.) to do some repeatable task for small repeat gains.
    2. Set up an online store to resell cheaper products from other sites.
    3. Use classifieds to sell products from other sites.
    4. Create survey site for others to earn money. (???)

    I can code. Ideally I'd like to automate something to create reliable passive income.
    I'd a dream of having a room full of Adruino or Rassberry Pi machines doing this.

    Thank you all. I hope to find some success here, and give back.