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    Advice Needed for Website Launch.

    Hi Guys,
    I've spent the last 8 months building my first website, which has been a long frustrating journey in itself, after scraping 5 sites due to not being happy with them, I'm finally happy with the one I have to launch.

    The Idea:
    Its a classified site targeted at certain niche, its a variation on an already popular site which I have been a high user of over the years, again along with most of my peers etc, but it has its faults, which I have addressed for my niche .

    The Launch:
    This is where I need some guidance, But I intend to drive the initial launch by social media along with txt message marketing, forum posts etc.
    The plan is to have my site pre populated with around 1000 quality listings, so that my first intended user to land on the page already thinks the site is in use already and is growing.

    List Building:
    Users have to register on the site, which automatically adds them to my list if they accept, also I have an alerts feature again its the same principal
    Social media, I have purchased zosocial(competition software) share and like ,again I will be using coupons to gain free access to featured areas of the site, this will also build my list.

    Social Media,
    As mentioned above I intended to use zosocial,

    I plan to use coupon codes and competitions as a multiply effect(share with five friends to receive x)

    However I have target of around 20,000 facebook friends which belong to groups, I want to added them to my page, I have been looking at software to do this for me(friend adder elite).

    I have automatic feeds of newly listed classifieds from my site linked to facebook and twitter, hopefully building backlinks and helping users reach a wider audience.

    I intend to blog and be an active poster on facebook, I have been considering buying likes for my page ,but im unsure of the consequences

    Every classified page has social share buttons.

    Txt Marketing.
    I intend to offer to upload ads for user's of other sites and get confirmation of them before I upload. Also I plan to gather numbers of my niche and pop txt's off to them.( I'm unsure if I will go ahead with this yet, as I don't want to get in trouble with the data commissioner)

    I plan to use adsense, along with a featured ad fee and a bump ads fee, however basic ads are free.

    I hope this makes sense, As I'm in a hurry to job number 2.haha

    Any advice on how to grow my social media traffic quickly and hopefully word of mouth will take place(its a local site)
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    Id be really interested to see how you get on, im in a similar situation myself
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    You could try facebook friend adder pro. It does a lot of help for your facebook needs like adding friends, auto posting, auto sharing and etc.