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Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Digitt, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Sep 18, 2014
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    I own 1000 twitter accounts that I bought in bulk. I am about to only be using 100. I have software (twitter supremacy, really good software for what I need and cheap compared to tweetattacks) that will send a @mention with my website to people. I plan to do 3 tweets per account per day, so 300 people get tweeted per day. the software uses a delayed timer

    However, I could possibly make use of my 1000 accounts, and have 1000 accounts tweet just one person a day. I could split them up into groups of 100 and do them at different points of the day. so that I don't have to buy 1000 proxies, which is expensive.

    My question to you is: would it be safer to send 3 tweets a day per 100 accounts, or, to send 1 per day with 1000 accounts (while splitting them up across my proxies)?

    thanks alot :) I'm going for the first option for now, but could maybe go for the gold if i can try and ensure it would be safe.

    thanks :)