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    Hello fellow members of this awesome community, right now i have around 600$ to invest on the IM world, i know its not much but i would like to know what can i invest it in. Right now im building an Amazon affiliate website and already have the host and domain, however i would like to know what else can i get so i could recover the 600$ and make more :) Im planning on buying tommy link service to get some traffic to my website, since content is key but without links you're dead :). So far i have invested around 60$ Bought a website design off Luashr which i read form reviews he's really good and i trust him, and 20$ from namecheap host and domain. Im still asking myself who am i gonna pay for content writing since my website is based about gaming headphones. Any ideas i would love them since this community has inspired me to do something instead of playing WoW all day lol.

    Thanks for your input guys and Happy Holidays!