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    Ok I have a site that is ranked really well on one keyword. #2 to be exact. That is all fine and dandy and I enjoy the traffic, but it isn't a ton of traffic and now I am greedy and want to branch out to get even more traffic via ranking well on more keywords.

    I have tried to read everything I can find on Keyword research, but I am still stumped, so I have a few questions.

    What FREE tools do you use to research your keywords and how do you use them?

    For example I have used Google Adwords: Traffic Estimator. It estimates how many clicks an ad for this keyword will receive a day. Which by my estimation is way short of the amount a high ranking site recieves. I then of course have to compare to how much competition there is for that keyword so I simply search the term on google in quotes. If this is actually a good strategy well I still need help because I have no idea what are good numbers to try for or how to tell if there is too much competition.

    Next, as far as keywords go, will trying for a listing on a new keyword hurt my standing for my current keyword?

    I realize that I need to pay attention and not forget about it, but are there any other consequences?

    I would really appreciate any help, and I believe everyone here can help me out a lot as I have been a member and silently reading posts for a while now. I just think it is definitely time for me not to be satisfied with my traffic and to get after getting some more.
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    Check out the site below and keep scrolling down the page once you get there. It's a fairly decent list of both paid and free keyword tools.

    And here's a free "Black Hat Keyword Tool" (I can't vouch for how 'black hat' it is though :)))
    And here's SOOVLE - A Free Multi-Search Engine Keyword Tool:
    And here is the free Seobook Keyword Research Tool:
    And here is a good, easy, and effective way to do keyword research (Video):
    Cheers! - "Wiz"
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