Advice on Getting Targeted Traffic?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by chungy9015, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Hello BHW member,

    I have manage to get some traffic through the organic way (Search Engine) and bought some PTC in order to lower my Alexa and make it more noticable in the world of internet.

    Now, I would like to try to target a bit more in depth the traffic.

    For example, my website is about Dog Training, which is broad. It offers free advice and valuable information. I want that people go in and read it , after they click into my offer page or my ad.

    I mean to compete in a big keyword like Dog Training is big [28.3millions results] and as exact search is 14.6millions.

    But ok, my keyword without quote is 41millions results but with exact search is 670,000 searches.

    In this case, what solution would you suggest in order to bring more attention to the public? I mean creating backlink is mainly for SERP, but really targeting traffic.

    Would article do the job? or I heard Press Release are excellent to help promote the website or product as it can sometimes go in first page (I don't remember where in BHW I saw that).

    Any advice, suggestion, tips, comments? No insult please :)

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    As I understand what you are saying you wantto rank for "dog training"

    I don't see it happening... It sounds like you are trying to stop a house from burning down with a cup full of water. In other words your expectations don't seem realistic in my opinion. Someone else please chime in... I believe he is saying can I write an artice and rank on the front page of Google for "dog training." Either get help or think much smaller...