Advice on Customer Service Outsourcing

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    Hey Guys.

    First off let me say, this forum is a god send.
    So many great people on here willing to help.
    Much appreciated.

    Here's my situation.
    I have a diet supplement website that is selling to people in the US and Canada.
    Right now when customers call my website's 1-800 number it forwards to my cell in Canada.
    I obviously don't want to deal with customers anymore so I hired 2 people from the Philippines to handle cust. support.
    They are both working from home and I need them to handle inbound and outbound calls to the US and Canada.

    What is the most cost effective way of doing this while maintaining a good call quality.

    So far i best bet is to use the current 1-800 number and route it to a skype number - which is free for inbound calls.

    Any better ideas?