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Advice on calling eBay ?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by volupia, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. volupia

    volupia Newbie

    Sep 5, 2013
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    Liverpool, UK
  2. Ste Fishkin

    Ste Fishkin BANNED BANNED

    May 14, 2011
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    Yes you should call them. It's very simple, enter their phone number into your phone and press ring...

    If you want your limits raised you can only do this once every 30 days, if your last limits increase was in this period you will be refused but try anyway. They are quite good.

    They will ask you:
    1. What you sell
    2. How much stock you carry (just lie)
    3. How many people work for you (again, lie)
    4. They may need a VAT number as it looks like you will pass the VAT thresh hold
    5. They may ask for a Ltd company number

    Feedback must be above 98% from memory, and your defect rate must be under 5%

    Otherwise, you should be good to go.
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  3. orangesaber

    orangesaber Newbie

    Dec 9, 2015
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    Everything Ste Hughes said is pretty accurate (though they've never asked me a few of those questions), but you can actually get away with calling 25 days after your previous limit increase if you wish. The representatives in the Limits department have the discretion to increase your limits up to 5 days before the 30 day period is over.