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    Last week I bought a new domain because I thought it sounded cool and could possibly have potential once developed. Today, I got around to really researching possibilities. As it turns out an F100 company has a product branded around the two words in my domain.

    I didn't realize any of this as it was a whim decision.

    I tracked down contact information for the brand manager of this product and was all set to give a call to gauge interest, if any. Then I thought I'd ask for some advice from the forum maybe someone has been in a similar situation.

    Is there any particular way I should proceed?

    I know this is really ambiguous. I tried to post with more details but it triggered moderation.

    Any and all advice/suggestions are appreciated.
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    Most will develop it as an affiliate site or revenue / affiliate site. Large companies use brand reputation companies that have bots searching for protected brand names. 99% of the time you're allowed a mulligan or surrender of the domain if you get caught without significant penalties. For that reason most will plead ignorance and take their chances. It just depends on what you think your time's worth. Whatever you invest might be surrendered before it makes a dime.

    I wouldn't contact the brand manager. Most likely they have no idea what you're talking about. This stuff is left to brand reputation companies with Attorneys on the payroll for large corporations.
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    Brand concious companies will take no time to ask the owner to forfeit the domain to them due to trademark issues.