Advice Needed : Getting back in Black Hat SEO tool game...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by BHPlatinum, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Hi All,

    You might recognise me from a few years ago when I was around on these forums quite a lot (mainly around 2013). Since then I've built and sold 3 successful offline businesses and I currently run a business investing in tech startups offline.

    In the past few weeks I've been intrigued to look back into the blackhat world (as some of the offline methods I used in my businesses) to bring me to where I am today.

    I purchased GSA SER, Scrapbox and NHSEO back in 2013 and I am looking to get them back up and running - but I've been out of the game a while and so it's going to be a learning curve.

    So I need some advice: What is the best setup to be running GSA SER, Scrapebox and NHSEO (and are these even the right tools?). Ideally looking to get everything from VPS info through to proxies.

    The purpose of doing this:

    1. It's fun, and if anyone wants to JV then just let me know, I have funds to throw at this and get it working. If I could end up getting something out of it ($1500 a month) then even better!
    2. An individual who bought one of my companies only ever paid 60% of what he owed me - I'd like to ensure the website no longer shows up in Google (bad I know!)

    I know this looks like a real lazy ass thread but I recognise that people on here will be FAR better informed on these tools than I am, and know how to set them up, what is needed and might even be interested in a JV (I know this isn't the right section for that though!).

    What do I bring? I have the tools, time and money!

    Any advice would be awesome.