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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darrenjzy, Jan 4, 2012.

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    So I have had my first IM venture, a MNS up for about 2 months. So far I've made about 9 euro with adsen5e. I'm steadily at #5 on g00gle. This kw has about 1,200 exact matches a month at $1 or so cpc. I have the EMD even though travic travis doesn't see it. The site below me is has the same EMD.

    Sorry about the lack of screenshots or links, as I can't post them yet.

    Also its a summer related site, so little traffic for now.

    The top 4 sites are pr3 sites with page authority between 25 - 51(TT) and few backlinks to the kw page. 1 has 508 backlinks on the page for the keyword and 1490587 for the site. I can't see my Backlinks anywhere nor the competitions besides on 2 of the pages above me, which are "about" sites, the first too are the company's sites. They are only about a year old.

    What I've done so far.

    Total of 5 articles
    FB fan page (no likes really)
    Squidoo lens
    Twitter ( few followers)
    manual backlinks at targeted forums via google alerts(10)
    automated backlinks: 60 at wiki sites, about 300 bl on what are probably crap sites.

    I will start yahoo answers soon and keep doing google alerts and setting up all the social networking sites.

    Let me know if you need more info.

    I'm still learning on page seo and have all the standard plugins.

    I haven't spent any money yet. Free tools so far. I'm willing to buy some fiverr gigs or something if i feel it can get me up a few ranks.

    This is probably an easy thing for you guys but i'm still fumbling around(i'm a hands on learner)

    How hard would it to be to get to #1 or move up with the above competition. What should I be doing?

    I have another site I'm starting and after that is finished and ranked, I think I'll choose another method.
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    No one can tell you hard hard it will be to get to #1.

    Everyone here will tell you to keep building diversified links and high quality links. Don't waste time looking at your stats, just keep doing the work until you get to #1.