Advice for when you made your page viral.

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    Hello, i'm a pretty computer savvy person but it wasn't until I discovered this website to realize I wanted to go down the road to make a little extra money(most for fun). So monday night I made a page, its theme is jokes, plan on adding videos in later. In a day I got like 800 likes(there fake). I know, my page could probably be brought down, but since i'm still learning I feel like it's not a big deal. My theory is it will be easier to get people to join once there are a few grand fans. If anyone could answer some of my questions I would be very thankful.

    Question 1.
    When you promoted, gathered credible members, did you use your real account(I'd assume not), what was your fake account like? Since i've been pretty reckless, i'm stuck starting over a fake profile with 0 friends, I'm kind of under the impression I should probably get a account with 1k+ friends. Also, any tips to getting a lot of friend requests(Whatever works i'd do).

    Question 2.
    What are some tricks that got your page out there? I tried tagging, it worked earlier in the day, but tried again that night and it appeared there was some spam limitation, where it didn't post the photo on tagged peoples wall(of their friends). Anyways that strategy i'm going to leave, but, is my main goal to get people to press like on photo's to increase traffic? I have read guides here about increasing traffic, but any tips would be appreciated.

    Question 3.
    I'm currently at 1.2k likes, again mostly fake, but should I start implementing these viral codes? What makes that box come up when you click like asking you to share it on your wall? If anyone could give me links or downloads to good ones I could use i'd appreciate it.

    Any tips are appreciate greatly! Feel free to answer certain questions, appreciate it guys! Thanks!
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    1) I usually don't use my own account, however if you believe that your friends can be interessed in your page, you can use it too.
    You can promote your page with fake accounts too. You can build them manually or with a bot or just buy them. There are few members here that sell preloaded accounts.

    There are tons of way to get a lot of friends, imho. Here some bases:
    - Send 10-15 requests daily
    - Post on Groups or Pages and ask them to add you. Be smart! Don't write something like: "Pls add me I wanna have sex with u tonight" something like: "Hey guys, I've a problem with my iPod and I can't listen music anymore...Who can help me? Please add me as friend so we can discuss! Thank you!" should sounds better.
    - Add always people with interests that match with yours. If you like Justin Bieber, it's pointless that you ask friendership to a Led Zeppelin's fan.

    2) Try to ask people to share your page to help the community. Share it on the wall of your friends and of your accounts. You can try with Facebook Ads too, but to a starter isn't a very good choice, instead try to contact the owners of pages with the same topic of your page and ask to "advertise" it on their walls for few bucks.

    3) You can add viral codes too, legit viral codes (whitehat) or your page will be deleted. For this kind of stuff it's better that you hire someone who can code it for you.

    If you have any question, feel free to ask ;)
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    Great information, thank you for sharing!
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    Damn guys....use the "Thanks" button for his help..........don't just type it!
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    Good work guys keep it up thanks for sharing with us.