Advice for Improving and Closing the Deal

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    Thank you for taking the time to help this newbie out.
    I have been lurking a long time and have made several aborted attempts at this thing which I abandoned due to burnout and lack of success.
    I am taking another go at this going slower and not expecting to make it rain immediately.

    I have chosen a clickbank product that I feel comfortable with and that I think I can sell. I know the market pretty well, and I think if I phrase it right I can make it happen.

    I have my landing page and have placed some bing ads. I am getting a very good CTR on my ads - no sales yet - i think its too soon.
    Now granted, I have only been running the campaign for a day, but I am reviewing my efforts to see if I can improve.

    1. This product is selling information that if one was properly motivated could be found for free on the internet - not without effort of course. It's way easier to buy the thing.
    I am currently using a long form story letter with a call to action at the end. I am working on ways to "sell it/close the deal" - this is a weak point for me. What kinds of things do you say to convince someone to make the leap? How many calls to action should I include? I have read several posts that mention telling them the price on the landing page so that there is no shock when they click through. ideas here?

    2. Like many clickbank products, if one searches for reviews, a number of posts come up about how it is a scam and not worth it. I would suppose that if someone has clicked through and then searched for reviews, perhaps I have already lost them? thoughts on this?

    Seeing my good click through gives me hope that I have properly done the right keyword research. My confidence is low on my salesmanship. I know I am overthinking it. I know my market well enough that I know people will pay for a quick fix.
    As I am working through this I am seeing some other opportunities in this market for some PPI, perhaps some other type of sites offering free info with ads and email collection for further opps. The advice on the board of actually doing something and not just thinking about it has really started the ideas flowing in my head about how to maximize this niche.

    Your advice is appreciated.