Advertising blindness is our ally


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Nov 25, 2017
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1. A little science
Advertising blindness is a phenomenon in marketing in which the consumer does not see and does not pay attention to a certain advertisement or advertising format, even in direct contact with them. This phenomenon is caused by habituation to a certain format and type of advertising, and obsolescence of advertising media. The effectiveness of such advertising tends to be zero.

Advertising blindness - is one of the main factors that discourage potential customers from the final conversion.

2. Add to this the chronic distrust of our people to advertising in general (an inheritance from old times), and we get a huge field for action alternative (in relation to official advertising) ways to promote products, services, sites, and anything else.

These methods are SMM (SMM-Social Media Marketing), Promotion, PR, and Promotion in social networks.

It is to these methods that clients resort when comparing budgets, effectiveness, and of course considering advertising blindness .
He's saying to use SMM and Press release promotions, as these are not as affected by ad blindness.
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