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    I dont know if you guys have heard of this idea but I was sitting and thinking that what if you make a good looking site for a business. here is what I have got so far on the method ima use.

    This is after domain and hosting so
    1) find a business in my city such as a doc's clinic, chriropractic, automobiles, etc...
    2) Find a low competition keyword of many businesses as of those if they are not saturated and make a website on it.
    3) Get on the first page of Google if you do SEO correct and then start calling, going up to the business and talking to them, or emailing them but I would rather talk to them face to face.
    4) Get a good talker if you are not one, to talk to them on how it will increase their business bc the traffic would be targeted. Therefore, charge them a fee to place an advertisement of their company per month. And do this on the same niche for 2 companies and then move on to another website.

    I havent tried this but I'm pretty sure many have, think of this idea?