Advertiement spot on PPD/CPA program.

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    Hello everyone, I made a program a while ago named "PPD Niche Finder" A lot of people loved it and are always PMing me about a better version so I finally made one, but I want to make some money with it without selling it.

    I have advertised this on 1 forum: Can not post link sorry (If you want to see though just PM me)

    I get a lot of these in the introduction thread: n7wCuW2.png

    This is a small forum for bot makers, only gets about 100 views a day and everyday it gets about 3 new members who write in the intro thread about my bot :p

    I am planning on releasing this bot to over 20 large forums, getting about 1k downloads if not more.

    I am selling a banner/ advertisement spot on the bottom of the bot itself for $100 life time

    or I can make it so when they open the bot the are forced to view your sales page, which might increase your sales. $150 life time

    Please PM me if interested, first come first serve, but If someone wants to pay more than I will choose him.

    These are all lifetime purchases so when you pay it will be on the program for good no matter what.

    I will advertise the program myself and also give you a copy to advertise with, it is your choice.

    Thanks and good luck!

    Screen Shots of the program:
    The banner will show on every tab (10 total)
    Click to continue banner
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