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    Ok, so I've decided I want to create my own thesaurus, so to speak. I don't believe that the usual built-in thesauruses that spinners come with are good and fast enough.
    Why do I think that? After reading many many discussions here, on BHW I realized that spun content should be highly readable. The only way to achieve that is by manually selecting synonyms. I'm no spin-master, my structures are usually only 15x what the output article is, but it is a real hell to select synonyms manually even with such small constructs.
    Because of that I want to create synonyms to phrases. E.g. I've got a sentence "It's an amazingly simple idea (...)". So I take "an amazingly simple", check what are the synonyms to "amazingly" and "simple", write them down, combine them using and get a list of synonym phrases that I can favor and next time when I spin a text automatically with favorites it will get selected.
    There is one problem with that: one of the synonyms is e.g. "an incredibly simple". So I want the spinner to learn (when I input the list of synonym phrases) all of those phrases and favorite them automatically, so when it finds "an incredibly simple" in another sentence it would select all of the synonyms I've added to "amazingly simple."

    Because of that I'm looking for an application that can do two things:
    • read a list of synonyms so I don't have to add them one-by-one,
    • automatically learn added synonyms.
    Does such a tool exist?
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    The problem with this is you will soon get synonyms that don't make any sense at all.

    One degree of separation is a lot and I'll give you a quick example of why this doesn't work:

    The phrase "get better" has the synonym "progress" and "improve" (I will {get better|progress|improve} as I practice).

    The word "advancements" has the synonym "progress" (The {advancements|progress} made were fabulous).

    However, using your method, it will see that "advancements" has the synonym "progress" and that "progress" is the synonym for "get better" and "improve".

    So you will end up with "The {advancements|progress|improve|get better} made were fabulous" and you get synonyms that makes no sense at all.
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    You are right, but only provided I would want to add a synonym to the phrase "get better"
    The truth is I want to do more: I would want to add synonyms to the whole phrase "I will get better". I know it would take a lot of work to complete such a synonym db, but by adding synonyms to such long phrases I would eliminate the risk of changing a person ("Such people don't exist" and "No one like that exist" - I know it's not a great example but it illustrates what I'm talking about) as well as the risk of adding wrong synonyms (what you've described), thus I would minimize the time needed to spin an article.
    Just looking at SpinChimp synonyms I would get:
    • for "I will": "I am going to", "I most certainly will", "I could";
    • for "get better": "improve", "advance", "make progress".
    After combining those two lists (and those are very simple, just three variations... my goal is to take at least 5 synonyms of each part-phrase):
    \"I will get better\"\"I will improve\"
    \"I will advance\"
    \"I will make progress\"
    \"I am going to get better\"
    \"I am going to improve\"
    \"I am going to advance\"
    \"I am going to make progress\"
    \"I most certainly will get better\"
    \"I most certainly will improve\"
    \"I most certainly will advance\"
    \"I most certainly will make progress\"
    \"I could get better\"
    \"I could improve\"
    \"I could advance\"
    \"I could make progress\"
    After adding this to such an app next time I would have a phrase "I could improve" and spun with favorites, all of the above would be added.
    On the contrary, without having such a tool and having to add each phrase one by one I will most certainly not make any progress and die before I will have accomplished even half of what I want/need.
    Unless there is a possibility to access a synonym database of such a tool from a custom built tool and add synonyms on my own. I could code such an app, no problem. Do you know any app with a synonym db prone to such manipulations?
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    Just test this:

    I can't believe that this tool is FREE :)
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