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    Many might know that on Google you can use several operators like intitle: inurl: AND OR etc. and many more.

    Here is quick example how you can search on google for KEYWORD and then any combination of "add a site" "add url", "submit an url" etc.

    This is helpful if you want to look for a directory matching your keyword where you can submit an URL:

    KEYWORD "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (Link|Site|URL|Website)" OR "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (a|your|an|new) (Link|Site|URL|Website)"

    The | operator is the same as OR, so (A|B|C) is the same as A OR B OR C.

    Notice the " <- ....if i use a phrase like "(A|B|C) (X|Y|Z)" it would search for any combination like "A X", "A Y" get the idea.

    In the example

    KEYWORD "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (Link|Site|URL|Website)" OR "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (a|your|an|new) (Link|Site|URL|Website)"

    I use the keyword and then one phrase, but it looks i needed to add another phrase with the a, your, an, new to include also those searches whre it says "Add YOUR Url" (If you have a better way to do this let me know :) )

    Google is actually limited to max 32 words in their search, but you can do REALLY nifty scraping stuff with those operators, especially if you combine it with other ones like intext: intitle: inurl:

    For example you could use:
    INTITLE:Acne "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (Link|Site|URL|Website)" OR "(add|suggest|recommend|submit) (a|your|an|new) (Link|Site|URL|Website)"

    There are zillion ways to use such operators and i think the subject is VERY interesting, especially if you have scrape software where you can enter those.

    intitle:"funny (dogs|cats)" -videos

    Show all sites which have funny dogs or funny cats in the title, but not "videos"

    And of course you can use wildcards * too:

    intitle:"crazy * (dogs|cats)"
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    Thanks for the tips
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    Great advice! Thanks for taking the time to post it!