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    Hey guys,

    I am an advanced level scraper, in that I can scrape JS heavy websites, scrape Google searches, override captchas etc.

    I have complete datasets for startups like listings from Airbnb, User profile information from Github, proxy listings from Free Public Proxy Sites and several others.

    Consider for example, Airbnb - which only returns 300 something results for any search query - using its unofficial API it returns about 1000 results for search queries, and therefore its harder to scrape the entire Airbnb listings for any particular place. However, I have the complete listings from Airbnb (43000 from New York).

    I am, also, very experienced in creating Rails applications and integrating them together with these datasets, and with other APIs.

    How can I monetise such dataset? Or, some other way to put my skill set in use?
    Are BHW members interested in such datasets? Which ones?
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