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    Here's a hypothetical, but it's along the lines of what I want to do (if it's possible)

    Let's just say for example I own redtube or an adult video site, and we all know that content locking networks don't like adult traffic, but I still would like to lock this adult site on a content locking network because there's traffic from everywhere, and using things like CLP or MCL would be sufficent, but a ton of work to geo-ip offers, rotate, build fake LP's for each offer, change offers in and out, etc....but with content locking networks, all of this is done for you.

    With that in mind, what if you could content lock say redtube with CLP, the main page of redtube (well preferably all pages) with a script like CLP.....then using brad's cpa-r redirect the link to say a page that's content locked with any other content locking network.....Then be able to do the post back from a survey that's done from a content locking network back to CLP so that when the offer is completed your adult site unlocks for the user.

    Is this something that would be do-able? I'm not sure if you'd have to pass any variables along through the redirection process of hiding your referrer, and how postbacks would follow into the process. Also if there's anyway to have the user return back to the main adult site after the offer is completed, or just have them go to a page that said something along the lines of "thank you for your contribution" and on your white hat site make it seem as if they're donating to you by completing a survey, or if there's any other social engineering trick that may work for such a thing so the network still stays okay with your whitehat process even though you'd be blackhatting them without their knowledge.

    If anyone has any insight into anything of this nature, I'm all ears and would appreciate any enlightening on the idea. Thanks!