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    Hi BHW!,

    I'm here again making another journey, this time I'm gonna approach it in different way. As I was successful in my first journey -
    I am now able to buy my own domain for adult website, my domain started this 2014 couple of months ago, however was not able to focus on because I started offline business with my wife.

    Now I will be able to focus on maintaining this website and reboot the process from scratch. Days of mass upload to tumblr + ads is gone since all my tumblr blogs was banned instantly. I don't know as to why but they are running perfectly for more than 6 months now. Anyways, I know I can still start it with new method, I know the method is already known by all.

    Method that I'll be using:

    I will manually upload images to my wp website, then promote my website via tumblr and twitter.

    Website - Upload mass gif, images. Already setup with adult ads, plugins. SNAP already configured to post to tumblr & twitter.
    Tumblr - Way of getting traffic, will upload queued post with watermarks + SNAP post from the website.
    Twitter - Way of getting traffic, will get all content from the website via SNAP.

    What I need to know:

    What tags are really needed to be used to ramp up my followers from tumblr and twitter.
    How to drive lots of traffic to my website aside from tumblr and twitter.


    Here are the goals I wanted to achieve with the method that I will be using for now.

    $1 per day - Not yet achieved
    $5 per day - Not yet achieved
    $10 per day - Not yet achieved
    $50 per day - Not yet achieved
    $100 per day - Not yet achieved

    I hope I would be able to get some feedbacks and insights on how I can achieve my goals and learn from the experts around here :)
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    Hopefully a small bump might get you back and gives us some updates.

    Your keywords are directly related to the images you are uploading, its pretty easy to find them just do a google search: "keyword"

    then look at what keywords the blogs are using or invent a few of your own. I think there is a limit of like 30 different keywords per blog. HTH
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    Any updates on this? Would like to hear how things are going