[ADULT] Minor video editing and uploading

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    I need someone to edit adult (amateur) videos (text watermark + add titlescreen at the end, I'll provide the text, very basic stuff ) and upload them to a few major adult streaming sites. We'll agree on a fee per video edited + uploaded, and I'll pay either through PayPal or Skrill.

    Important to note is that you will need to provide the adult videos, although I can point you to some sources if you honestly don't know any. If you got a sizeable amateur porn collection on your harddisk, know basic video editing and have some time and your hands this might just be the job for you

    send me a PM for more details if you're interested.
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    Do you already have the partner accounts?

    You can't just upload a bunch of stolen videos to the big tube sites like PornHub and RedTube without already having good accounts.

    Its like the TGP game now more or less.