adult media buys help!! will pay!

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    Feb 9, 2012
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    Hey guys I want to run another media buy on juicy ads..I already messed around and bought some cheap ad space but its not really targeted and doesnt have too much clicks....can anyone help me on this and tell if Im doing it right? Somethings I know are..targeting demographics is very important..buying on a pay site is better...and promoting a niche offer is better? Do I need to know anything else? I also know that being on a content related niche site is also really important? Are all these true? is this method even worth doing or should I be going after non adult media offers? Am I forgetting anything else? Im about to run a another buy..but this time I will be looking to spend $130-150 dollars instead of the $60 I spent on both of my previous ads and I also want to make money, desperately!! !Any one with experience would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading. :(