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Mar 25, 2014
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I have started a blog with adult content.

How should I make money from it??

and from where should I get ads for it??

Try to read:
First of all, you should get traffic in massive hundreds of thousands to make any profit, and then signup for affiliate programs like adult friend finder, or any adult cpa site, and make money using that method.

Read this :
Just read around you'll get lots of information. But, you gotta get massive traffic to generate good $$$
You must be having good traffic on your blogs then you can try Adultfriendfinder , Exo***** , try to google for some good adult affiliate sites.
Check for the adult advertising sites where you would be able to sell ad spots on your blog page.
First, go to market place and get a service that will send daily organic search traffic to your site. Next work on your onsite seo so that your blog get indexed.

After this step is done, begin to build backlinks. If you are targeting USA Google, create as many backlinks related to your niche and is primary USA based. Get GScraper to assist you on this. Once you identify the backlinks, use GSA SER to post the backlinks. Do not use the default backlinks available in GSA SER, it is totally abuse by newbies.

Once you have done creating the backlinks, spy on your competitors keyword by viewing source under meta keywords. Use their keywords against them by beginning to mirror their backlink building strategy. There are many free online tools that allow you to extract their backlinks foot print. Once you have this footprint, use GSA SER to begin blasting them. Try to buy GSA Captcha breaker, it will help you to save around 50% of cost on captcha services.

Remember to constantly update your site with contents. Post interesting contents from your website on other adult forum. Don't claim that you are the owner of the content, just casually mention that there is still article that is relevant to the discussion. Use Google alert to help you on a daily basis to find out relevant topic of discussion. Google around on how to use Google alert. It is one of the most powerful tool.

Cheers and have fun
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