Adsense + Wordpress (Best Theme?)

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Jul 20, 2010
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Hi Guys,

This has been asked quite a few times, however many of the posts are pre-wordpress 3.0 and quite a few of themes are rather outdated.

So in short, without mortgaging the house, do you guys have any suggesting for a nice looking wordpress theme that has the best payout rate for Adsense?

I would suggest go for thesis theme.

Simple and your adsense will get maximum exposure.
I would suggest go for thesis theme.

Simple and your adsense will get maximum exposure.
I looked at thesis, but I am not quite sure I understand the whole thing. It looks like its more of a base and you need another theme on top of it to make it work?
This WP Slick theme is converting the highest for me, currently converting at 15% as opposed to 2% with a 2 column thesis layout.

Here is an example of the Slick theme:

15% awesome, thanks guru.

Guru, what is the link to that please. There is a lot of links about 'slick' themes on google, but I could not find the one leading to the theme you referenced.

Also, I think Socrates is a very nice (and prettier, if not more clickworthy) theme.
Hey might be a noob question but where do I need to insert my adsense code in the header to get it to look like the example given?

There should be a .pdf with instructions included in the link that I gave. The answer to your question is in there.

In my opinion, while the ads do blend, the themes themselves are very boring, and extremely dull to the viewers eye. I'd want to fall asleep rather than click on an ad with these preset themes. Just my opinion.

A theme that I would recommend is the Heatmap theme. It does the same thing as "Slick WP Theme", but the colors are much more brighter, and the style itself is much more modern and easy on the eyes. The adsense placements in Heatmap are very good, which improves the CTR. I believe you can find this theme in the Downloads section.
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It's in the Template PDF instructions.
I use thesis.

Customized simple thesis. I get 10% CTR most of times.
I suggest thesis. It took me a few hours to get the hang of it, but afterwards i realized it was quite simple and now i love it.
Anyone tried Socrates? It looks really nice and easy to set up. I wonder what kind of CTR it gets.
Can anyone give me the link of the Heatmap theme and also the sample of site that is using it? Thanks!
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