AdSense website content length - best practice?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Massacre, Feb 28, 2017.

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    So, lately, I'm so buried into Amazon Buyer intention keywords and content that almost forgot about the AdSense type of money sites.

    I found a very good keyword here - "[descriptive][product name]". 3 words.
    18100 exact searches, 23 KC in KeywordRevealer and top1 result is with 0 backlinks and "Access Denied" page, LOL. The only optimized for keyword result is Amazon affiliate site on top5 (and one more eBay link on top7) which is optimized for my keyword + 'best' in the beginning, thus, I guess, he is just ranked because of relevance. Other results are all online shops with no or 1 backlinks.
    In short, no competition, I bet so.

    The only con of this keyword is 0.61$ CPC, but I don't care lol.

    What I wanted to ask, what are the preferred/optimal length for the contents for such websites?
    With how much words would you starts for the keywords.
    I will also have 5 long tail or related keywords, thus gonna start with 6 pages.

    Thought, I'd write 4000 words for the main keyword (homepage) and 1200 words for other 5 keywords/pages. That's what I usually do for the Amazon Affiliate website. In total, 10k in the beginning

    But is this good for adsense money site-kinda websites? What's your best practise? Please advise considering the search volume and competitiveness of the keyword.
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    I am not sure I understand you correctly, you are talking about articles length?
    Because none of our articles/posts are anywhere near 4K words and we are ranking fine, I don't think it is a real factor.
    Sure, there is a minimum but making it longer won't make it better, there are many other factors.