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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by GabbieM, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Long story short; I've been around for a while and am tired of reading and definitely taking action. I have the resources to buy the domain/hosting etc. Had a few sites and have made money in the past; but really trying to step the game up.

    I have come across a keyword that consists of the following on the USA Google Keyword Tool and need some advice:

    Monthly Searches: 8100
    Keyword string in top 10 titles: 0
    Pagerank: Five below a PR of 4
    Domains: All are older than 2 years
    Phrase search: 586,000 results
    Adwords competition: High ($4)
    Backinks: All below 1000 besides one of the Walmart results (which is an overall product page of the category). Some are 0 and just 15, stuff like that.

    Domain/site orders:
    #1 Walmart
    #2 Walmart
    #3 Wikipedia
    #4 Howstuffworks
    #5 Manufacturer
    #6 Consumer Reports
    #7 Manufacturer
    #8 Best Buy
    #9 Manufacturer
    #10 TigerDirect

    Okay, the manufacturers are all different ones in that list. I can easily come up with a domain for this keyword and build off little subniches of it. My main question is the following:

    From an experienced perspective, is this keyword worth going for and how hard (in all White-Hat SEO, no scrapebox/spam/whatever) is it to overtake the domains listed. If I create enough unique content and articles will the "product" pages most of these sites are drop below me? I have heard mixed reviews about big retail giant pages being hard or not hard to outrank in the past.
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    If the keyword has commercial intent, it will be VERY difficult to beat walmart
    even if you are superior on the on-page factors.

    Google trusts sites like walmart, amazon for commercial intent keyword more than anyone else.

    But then again, you CAN rank, it will just take time and perseverance like everything else!
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    Mere looking at your keyword analysis one can tell that your competition is on the medium side and most of the top sites got there on the virtue of authority and not a long term off site seo.

    If you have good resources and 30 to 90days of quality SEO mainly from building your own networks you should do well in no time..