Adsense or Affliate?Clean and stable, SEO services dirty?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Commander EK, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, im new to the whole IM world. Ive been readig up and learning loads from the forums. I have a question however id like your help in discussing.

    The way im planing to go in IM is finding around 10 niche site topics which have a lot of competition for those keywords, a decent amount off people gogling that keyword and very low SEO competition on the net (checking how many others have that keyword intitle, inurl etc). Making those sites with good quality articles that are not a bunch of nonesense but actualy something someone googling the keyword would want to read.

    I plan to make say 10 of these sitess and hopefully rank in the top page for those keywords in 2-4 months. And on the 6th month use google adsense for monetization. Now these keywords are all around 5$ per click according to the keyword tool and get searched around 14K to 30K times a month with a stable trend. heres my questions:

    -do you think i can make 50-100$ off each site? thats what i would die for, a stable almost autopilot income of 50*10 sites = 500-1000$ a month, is that possible?

    -a friend of mine hired an SEO service for around 250 and shot up through the ranks, i would do that but dont SEO services hurt you in the longrun ? dont they use black hat methods? unorganic growth kills you doesnt it? I want stable long term income so what do you think?

    - that same friend is an IM pro who makes his living online, he told me not to get stuck on adsense, to go for CPA affliates etc instead, but i feel as if working with affliates and CPA is not "clean" and stable, most of the offers are things id never buy and would push me away from a site, so doesnt this hurt long term stable income prospects? i also hear alot about affliates cheating ppl and what not, it feels like google is a legit answer and the ads it puts forward are nothing damaging and its a respectable company so should be fair, right?

    What to you guys think?Whats your advice? Can i really make $ on this? Can someone give me some stats? Is 50$ per month possible for me per site? Stick to adsense or affliates or both? Should i go for SEO services?

    I really just want to get that first $1 from IM to feel its real.
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    yeah, u absolutly can make big money from depends on ur hardwork and ur targeted traffic...

    i go for cpa or affiliate, never try adsense because it's very strict, if use affiliate, i can make whatever improve to make higher my CTR...

    make some journal in here regarding ur work, and you blieve all of member can give u best tips to get more than u expected ;)