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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cosmith222, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Feb 25, 2012
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    I recently built a few adsense niche sites that are video-based, and have great articles with them, and good adsense ad placement. All google-compliant. One of the sites is a Whitney Houston site, with a RIP video and article. I posted the link to my site as a comment on a few of the whitney houston fan pages on facebook, which generated about $4 in traffic a couple days ago. I did the same thing since then, and have no new traffic, besides a couple page views. My CTR is 12%, and they're actually not bad looking sites. My plan was to promote them for a week or so on facebook, to generate about $8-10/day for a solid week, then sell them. Because I can't get a steady income, I'm obviously not able to sell them for more than a couple bucks. They have very little SEO work done to them, with such key words like "whitney houston" "death" "life" etc., but none of which are in the top 20 pages of google. All the big news sites are in the top pages as expected. I thought about promoting via youtube, but don't know much about it. So far I've purchased facedominator software off of this forum, and tweet adder. I follow 900 people on twitter with only 2 followers lol, so twitter's not a good site to promote it on. I'm hoping this face dominator software will work good, but not sure. Does anyone have any other ideas as far as promotion goes, and getting traffic? Much help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.