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    I have a website that I have been working on since the last 2 months or so. The website has around 200 posts so far. I haven?t done any promotion as yet so the earnings are almost negligible. I was busy getting the pillars right; adding contents, widgets, images and so on.

    It?s a clean website with loads of images and perfect ad placement in three places. The niche is health and fitness. To be honest, I did skip the keyword research part while building this website as the plan was to create a website which would shape up more like an article directory. The domain is something like this health****.com.(2 word domain) ( I dislike site cloning, which is why
    I am not sharing it on this thread)

    As such, the website has many categories such as weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, diet, disease, parenting and so on. I guess over 50 categories. Basically, the users will have no issues browsing the contents on my website.

    I am looking for someone who can promote the website and keep all the earnings for the next 3 months. I will place your ads on my website for the next 3 months and you can keep all the earnings for yourself. I am looking for a one-time upfront fee of $75 or $100 for placing your adsense code on my website. No, I am not after money, but I am looking for serious contenders only. I don?t want someone quitting this in between. I won?t refund either!

    Your benefit:

    -All adsense earnings for the next 3 months are completely yours! The earnings will depend entirely on your promotional strategies.

    -I won?t do any promotion, but I promise to add 100+ unique articles every month so you don?t have to worry about fresh contents. You have to take care of the promotion part only.

    My benefit:

    My website will get the much needed kick-start. Goes without saying, the promotion that you will be doing for the next 3 months will help me when I take over once the JV ends.


    -Only one person will be chosen.
    -As mentioned earlier, I will upload 100+ unique articles every month so that it facilitates your promotional campaign. However, I will choose the topics on my own.
    -You won?t have access to the admin panel.
    -No clicking on your own ads or doing something extremely unethical.
    -You can use tools like xrumer, senuke or whatever you want but don?t get my website sandboxed as I have been working hard on this since the last 2 months, and I plan to harvest more efforts after 3 months once I replace your ads with mine.
    -This is a temporary deal. You have will have no rights on the website, contents or anything else pertaining to my website. The deal is as simple as it sounds; I am only placing your adsense code on my website for 3 months in exchange of your promotional efforts.
    -You should send me a report every 2 weeks. The report can be messy, I don?t mind. This is again to skip the junk contenders.
    -At the rate of 100+ plus articles a month, my website will have over 500 contents in our JV duration. If you do a good job then I will extend the JV by one more month (free) so that you can earn more! This decision will rest entirely on my hands.
    -Please send a detailed pm with information on how you are planning to promote the website. This will help me handpick the right person, in case I receive more than 1 email. So, I would request you to spend some time on this email.
    -I am not sure how this thread will fare, in terms of receiving positive response from you guys, but I do want to make it a win-win situation for both of us so if you have any other plan in mind then let me know via pm.

    I have tried to be very specific about everything over here, but if you still have any questions then please bump the thread or send me a message. I will reply!

    Thanks in advance,