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    Hi, just found this site with available signups for beta testing.

    Information about the site:
    AdProof is first test-driven advertising platform that lets ad buyers test before they spend. Ad buyers can A/B test any ad group for $1. That's a 98% costs savings when compared to running the same test on Google AdWords with an average CPC of $2.50. AdProof is fast. No more wasted hours waiting for data or approval of ads. You'll get results back in minutes.
    (Not written by me, 100% copy-pasted from betalist)

    I am in no way affiliated with adproof, I just found this site and thought I'd share it with you guys. Neither do I know how or if this site will work, but you get 1 free test by signing up, so there might be someone who will find this useful.

    PS: The site is still not launched, but will be during the spring of 2013.

    Enjoy :)

    Edit: Forgot to mention. Only 902 invites left as I'm writing this, so you should probably get a beta invite quick if you want one.
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