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    Jan 12, 2016
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    Hey Guys!

    A few weeks ago I've bought TheAddmeFastBot to create some points and boost some accounts. Now I have 10 different instances of the bot running on a VPN besides Massplanner (useless info, but it i thought it may help to get the solution :D ).
    I put some $$ on deathbycaptcha and after marking the box for usage of DBC there is a pop op by the AMF bot which shows my account balance.
    Well, I start the bot 10 times but the captchas on Instagram are still getting skipped and I don't know what to do. The Bot's live support has no solution, as well.

    Generating points with facebook is difficult as well, because now and then the account gets banned from fb likes temporarily and I don't check the server every second, so the account does nothing for the next few hours.

    On the other social media websites is less activity than expected and as i'm using proxymillion's social proxies for the social accounts I'm not able to use the bot with any service than FB IG Google Youtube and Linkedin. (So IG and the linked DBC Problem is necessary to solve for me :D )

    Has anyone dealt with such problems before?

    Thanks for your help Gentleman,
    Stay Hungry