AddMeFast Dilema: Need Your Help

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    Oct 2, 2012
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    Here's the problem, I'm having trouble accessing AddMeFast from one of my laptops. It's weird, b/c I can access it with any other laptop/PC in my home (even on my iPod and cell), but one of my laptops (the one I happened to access it from the most) won't load the site. I have a VPN account, and even from the VPN I cannot access the site... again, only from this one particular laptop. I can rapidly access the AMF from a site like (although, I cannot log on).

    Again, all these issues are only happening on this on particular laptop.

    Here's what I've done so far.... I went as far to re-format the HD on the laptop which only resulted in fresh hard-drive space, and the same problem accessing the site. I've cleaned up/flushed the DNS, made some tweaks to the TCP/IP, and still... nothing. I can access the site via free proxy servers, but I cannot log on to the account from them. Again, keep in mind that I can access the site and my accounts from any other unit in my home (of course, I clean out the cache, and reset the browser with each new login session) without any issues.

    Some other things I've tried include:
    1. Testing out different browsers
    2. Using the command (cmd) prompt in XP to ping the site (i.e. ping and flush the DNS.
    3. Lowering internet security settings
    4. Turning the firewall off
    5. Switching up VPN servers

    I'm hoping there's something simple I'm missing, but I honestly thought reformatting the hd would have solved the issue (had it been a virus), but after hours of searching for a solution, I'm lost. It's strange how I cannot access the site from the laptop in question via VPN, but I can via proxy.

    I don't mind paying for a proxy, but I need one that allows me to access and login into my AMF account(s). Any suggestions???

    Nevertheless, I would like to have this mystery solved. Your advice is greatly appreciated.