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Adding new content & links to pandalized & penguinized site.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Netvertiser, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Netvertiser

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    I've been looking to acquire a site that has had great times before Panda and later Penguin. Looking at SEMrush when the first Panda struck the site lost like 80% of SE traffic, then it lost like 80% more by the May-day (May 2013). And by August 2013 it lost 90% of the remaining traffic. That is according to SEMrush. Therefore in 3 years it was hit and hammered left and right. As of today Bing/Yahoo bring in 50% of the traffic while Google only 20% (the rest are referrals and direct). Now the catch 22 is: if I remove the thin content, ads above the fold, cleanup the link portfolio chances are there will be nothing left for Bing to rank for and at the same time there's no guarantees Google will care and at the same time it's like starting from scratch. New content hasn't been added in years... So I'd be like adding new content & new links here. All you basically have with this one is old site and bing traffic.

    What I am now wondering is can I just leave this old content & links alone and keep Bing traffic, not remove/change anything of the old part and just start building new content (on a clean panda/penguin safe way) and adding it to the front of the site and start acquiring links? How do I know the site wasn't penalized in a way that nothing I do will get Google to notice? I need to know can I just have Panda and Penguin chew on old content & links (that would still be present) while new content & links would be clean and cool and SFW or am I battling against full-site penalties here that require a cleanup of the whole site?

    How can I have this checked? I don't mind paying for the analysis or advice :) I just need it from someone who knows this inside out.