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    I would like to share a method, which is very simple, but can be a good start for those, who don't like to study a lot of information before going to action :)

    1. Sign-up to Adbrite :

    2. Sign-up to paid-to-promote website:

    3. Create a simple website with any kind of information you want, for example: download a free business template and insert an article from ezine about business. You can host it at free hosting but I recommend you to use a paid service to get better uptime (this will be important later).

    4. Create full page ads advertising campaign in adbrite with following settings:

    Price: 0.001 per visitor
    Target: USA, UK, Australia, Canada
    Daily budget: This depends on you, but I would highly recommend to start with the minimum of $5.

    5. Wait until adbrite will aproove your campaign, after this insert PTP code to your website.

    Earning potential: My mentioned PTP network states that it pays $4 CPM for AU, UK, USA, CA traffic, however in the reality, only ~25% of visitors from adbrite full ads will be accepted, so prepare to earn only $1 CPM (or even less) from this network, therefore in order to earn more you should use more CPM networks, I was using these, but I would recommend you to do a research and, maybe, you will be able to monetize this method more effectively:

    Possible risks:

    1. I used this method for ~month and had no problems, but you should remember that your adbrite account can be blocked due to terms violation.

    2. Your hosting account can be suspended.

    3. Usually those CPM networks are not very reliable, so it is possible that you won't get payment from them, therefore I would recommend not to risk a high amount of money with this method and use as many different CPM advertising networks as you can.

    Useful tip - These CPM networks will cause slower website loading time, therefore, if you add too much advertisements you can begin to loose money because some of them approoves visit only, when it lasts for more than 10 seconds.

    Useful tip 2: You can modify this method to get a targeted traffic to your website, for example, you can get a USA targeted traffic for just $1 per 1000 visits, but this traffic quality was bad for me, when I tested it with affiliate networks, so, in my opinion it is good only for Alexa rank increase and other similar reasons, but, maybe, you will get a better results ;)