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    Hey guys, I see this question asked often, but either people with little posts reply saying "add me on skype" or the usual answer "look in the forum" gets dropped.

    While I understand this, I am looking for an active group, not some 2 year old group with a few people saying something twice a week, no offense!

    So yeah, this is "another" looking for an active skype group post.

    Some background information:
    Currently making a decent living with IM in various niches, I think I do have some decent knowledge to offer.
    Especially when it comes to statistics and analysis.

    So far I have not stepped a foot into pinterest, unless you count some tests etc.

    What I am looking for is a group that can share some knowledge on getting started, think rate limits, things like that.
    Obviously not asking to be spoon fed.

    Those who know a group, are in one or even own one like that, please drop me a message! Comment and PM are both fine.

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    Hey, just sent you a PM