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    I'll share my latest "adventure" with a braindead client.

    3 months ago i designed a site for a client, i ended up uploading the site(hotel website) a month later because he wanted all sorts of stupid things redesigned(that uneducated buffoon really messed up with my site anyways). Anyways, for the site, seo and an android app i asked for 5k (2k for the seo after the results). He had only given me 500 because he was in a tough spot which i told him that it was understandable. He was talking to me like he was owning me and my company calling 01:00 pm because he wasnt typing correct his fucking address. 5 days ago i asked for at least 1k otherwise i wouldnt continue to work for him. He told me to talk to him today which i did. He told me he didnt want to continue to work with me. This wasn't so bad for me since i wanted to get rid of him. I told him that it's just business and there are no hard feelings. But i pointed to him since the beginning that i would take everything away.( 10 minutes later i deleted everything). One hour ago, he called me to tell me that he would go to his lawyer( i really laughed). He called me again like a little bitch 10 minutes later and told me that i should give him at least something.
    !!SPOILER ALERT!! I WONT hahaha

    There really is no other point to the story than dont be an asshole unless you are ready for the consequences

    Im interested about the community's opinion towards the way i handled him