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    Alright, so I've been reading this forum for about a month now and have gathered a lot of information. I've saved a lot of PDF's, text documents, etc. Now it is time to act.

    A little about me. I was introduced to affiliate marketing around 2007. I've never really been successful with it, except when someone ripped my landing page and forgot to change the affiliate links. I ended up making $900 in about 3 days lol. I also threw up a website in 2007 which made me about $3,500 in about a month and half. Since then I haven't really been making any money online (only a few $50-$100 here and there sporadically). I just graduated from college and entered the "real world" in June, and I have been very disappointed to what my life has become.

    I hate working a full time job, and I plan on making passive income on the internet and treating it like my own business. What I can't believe is how much information and knowledge I know about the internet compared to the average person, yet I'm not making any money.

    About a month ago I started a website. I really never tried to make a quality website for content because I'm really lazy and usually try to make a quick buck doing little as possible. However, I found a good niche and actually got ranked 8 in Google out of 18.5 million pages after writing over 50 articles myself 100% unique. I never knew how to properly implement offsite SEO techniques, and I started reading this forum. To make a long story short royally messed up because I didn't "spin / re-write" my articles when I submitted them to article directories (autoblogs started picking up my pages, and before you know it, I have the same article that is from my mainsite on hundreds of autoblogs) and I also created to many backlinks at once or in a short amount of time (this is what I assume). Now my website is horribly ranked in Google.

    Hey, what the hell you learn from your mistakes. I've found a better niche, which I believe I can make a ton of money on from adsense alone (aprox. $120 a day or more within 4 months if I play my cards right). I just wanted to see if I have everything down before I start so I don't mess anything up like I did with my last website.

    1. I found my niche and I have everything set up for the website (disclaimer, terms, about, contact, seo stuff, etc)
    2. I'm going to re-write articles myself so they are 100% unique
    3. I'm going to have the article re-written with WordFlood and then I'm going to take that article and re-write it with Power Article Rewriter so I can have 50 more spun unique copies
    4. I'm going to drip feed my content 1 or 2 posts a day on my website

    Now what I'm not sure on what to do is creating the back links via link wheels or other web properties. From what I gather, here is a possible example: I'll submit an article to EZA which will be my "focus hub" and build a link wheel around that with one keyword linking back to the EZA article and my main website. I will repeat this process with each keyword i want to rank well for.

    But, what I'm going to do is build the "link wheels" and not connect them, and create a bunch of broken link wheels. Then over time (weeks or even months) I'll start to slowly connect them and make them complete so Google doesn't find out about them quickly. Would this be considered black hat or white hat? Or anything that is not "naturally" is considered grey/black hat?

    Does this seem like a logical plan, am I missing anything?
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    The whole freakin' internet is greyhat or blackhat, the ones succeeding are just escaping punishment. It's all a big money machine and we all know it.

    Yes, being subtle with your linkwheels will probably help you avoid getting penalised.