Acorns - Invest spare change. Any experience?


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Dec 6, 2014
Hello guys,

Has anyone heard of Acorns? It's an iOS and Android application that takes the change from your payments and invests it into stocks. You give the application an access to your bank account and it takes the change after each payment. So for a payment of $1.50 it will take $0.50 and invest it in a stock portfolio of your choice.

The app tracks your investment performance, tells you about your latest round-up amounts, overall size of your account and lets you deposit and withdraw funds whenever you want. From what I've seen it is available in America only and i'm not from there so I couldn't download and try it.

If you have tried it, please share your experience.

iTunes <--- Click here to check it and download it.

I am not affiliated by any way with this application!!
Yea, its actually pretty good.

I discovered this app, and couldnt download on my phone because I work in a investment industry and the company only allows certain trading platforms for me to use and Acorns was not allowed.

I told my friend to install is, and he uses it to this day. They dont actually collect change from your bank automatically, lets say you buy something for $1.50, then $1.80, then 2.90. Afterwards you check your app, and it shows your latest transactions and asks for your permission to move/charge 0.80 cents from your bank to your acorns portfolio.

Its very similar to any other platform where you give authorization to transfer funds, except this one tracks your spending and then takes the difference.
Aha, I understand. And how do you invest it and in what kind of stocks? Can you make actual money out of it?
The investments are categorized into 5 portfolio's:
- All Fixed Income (100% Bonds)
- Conservative (70% Bonds/30% Stock)
- Balanced (50% Bonds/50% Stock)
- Growth (30% Bonds/70% Stock)
- All Equity (100% Stock)

Realistically, on average you will contribute $1 a day. Thats $30 a month. What kind of profit you expecting from $30 a month investment? The portfolio will make roughly 4-6% average a year, but you wont see much from your investment.
Yeah, its a good service.. Except the market is a bit shitty at the moment, but thats obvs not down to the app
Interesting idea... they should partner up with some affiliate-programs.
Example: If you earned $123.45 you can set if you want to get paid full dollar or full 10 dollar, the affiliate forwards the remaining ($0.45 when you want full dollar and $3.45 when you want full 10 dollar) to the app.
Well yeah, but the idea sounds interesting and I do understand that you will need thousands to make out a good profit out of an investment, but i'm really educated about the stock market :D Soo anyone else tried it ?
Love the people who like it are only registered this month.
The idea in itself is rather interesting, I'll give them that, because it sort of pushes you to take action.

But then again, I just called my bank the other day and told them I want to start investing more into my portfolio. My lovely account manager asked me if I wanted to make a monthly contribution to my investment account, and now it's set up in a way that once a month I will make a deposit from my current account to my savings account. From there I can then make investments whenever I feel like it.

It allows me to take back the money the monthly deposit takes from my current account if I need to do so for some reason, plus it lets me keep an eye on the market until there's a good "deal" on a stock I've been watching and make the acquisition on my own terms.

Not when an app decides it's a good moment to grab a dollar and invest it...
Acorn takes a share at the end of each month. If you are only going the spare change route, and interest you accrue will be gobbled up in that fee, and then some. It's a good concept, but poor execution.
Yeah, it really is a good concept :) Thanks for everyone who joined the thread :) Anyone here who has experience with stocks?
Fidelity has an American Express card that gives you 2% cash back on all purchases. So for every $2,500 you spend, $50 goes into your fidelity account which from there you can purchase any Fidelty investment (which they have many solid funds).

I don't see anything showing the expense ratios or long term performance of Acorns funds. Though it doesn't seem like a terrible idea.
Sounds like you would lose most of your investment in fees, unless you were transferring at least reasonable figures every month you would likely end up losing out purely based on that alone, this may change if you are willing to leave your "investment" in the system for a few years but the pay off is likely to be poor, at best, even then.
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