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Acme People Search (APS) Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by darkdruid99, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. darkdruid99

    darkdruid99 Newbie

    Oct 31, 2008
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    APS has every user complete 3 Steps for optimized success:

    Step 1: Sign up and get registered with all the Affiliate Networks so APS can put your affiliate links and ID?s into your Niche Search Engine to ensure you get credit for the leads and sales that are made so you get paid your affiliate commissions. (If you only complete step 1 your Affiliate links will only show 35% of the time.)

    Step 2: APS has you get your own domain name and hosting so you can Brand Your People Search Engine to be your own. (If you only complete step 2 then your Affiliate links are only displayed 65% of the time.)

    Step 3: In order for your Affiliate links to be showing 100% of the time when someone uses your People Search Engine to get their People Search Results you have to complete step 3. This is $29.95 a month after a FREE 30 day trial but well worth the $29.95 monthly if you are driving relevant traffic (those searching for people) to your People Search Engine after the Free 30 day trial.

    Another information for APS:
    1. FACT: 30% of All Searches on Google and Yahoo are People Search Related - and Growing!
    2. Meet the Demand in This Exploding Niche With Your OWN Automated People Search Engine!
    3. Earn Affiliate Commissions from EIGHT Different Affiliate Programs Rolled into One Program!
    4. Build Residual Income Streams from both GDI and GVO Using the Built-in Referral Program!
    5. FREE Advertising of Your Search Engine for 24 Hours After You Complete Three Easy Steps!
    6. A GUARANTEED BONUS of $125 After You Earn $75 (Your Incentive to LEARN how to Earn!)
    7. Personal Support from Tissa Godavitarne and a Community of Successful and Helpful Users!
    8. NOT Another "Free Money!" Program: Expect to Invest at Least $10 in Your New BUSINESS!

    Sign up link:

    Guaranteed $125 proof:

    Presell page: