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Account testing; have a few questions regarding FB monetizing

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by yungdemon, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. yungdemon

    yungdemon Newbie

    Dec 15, 2015
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    Probably Making That Guap; or Studying IM tbh
    Now I've had this FB account since 2011 I'd say but just let it sit for reasons that I completely don't remember. Regardless I figured I need to take IM a bit more seriously and this was the oldest account I could remember I had, from there I changed everything around (made the acc male>female, set up a slight e-whoreISH looking profile after doing some digging on a social net).

    I've added about 200-300 users by hand, most of which were American but somehow that just didn't relay to Facebook accordingly, still have plenty of US but want to have 75/100% US. In the course of about 3 hours 12am-3am I received 3000+ friend requests, leaving me at 3300+ friends as of now.

    Now I'm not accepting requests any longer until I can find a way to filter US only adds, which brings me to my first question; How can one do such a thing as to filter United States/American/Europe only adds through Facebook? I have one Chrome plugin installed which is fairly helpful and honestly I may pay for the premium features soon here but they do not have any sort of feature as such which I'm sure is on Facebook's end.

    I'm still setting up my site's though, one of which ties into another business venture/IM venture I'm taking on. Never been one for "project code-names" but let's call this entire ordeal Project Longevity. Anyways, this site that I'm going to test isn't fitted for this profile I'd say if I'm going to be THAT GUY and say these followers MIGHT not flock to it as I wanted, unless I'm able to just spam the $#!7 out of them with squat images/female fitness models of some sort. In any case I'm sure it will generate a few cents a day if I play my cards right on this first run.

    If all goes well I hope to expand to 5 profiles manually. With some extra fine tuning for all the profiles, possible removing friends, etc, who knows. Once I have them all on a good run for about 10-15 days I'll most likely begin looking into some automation, I know more fee's come into play and I'm not sweating it.

    What are the benefits of joining Groups on Facebook? How can they benefit my profiles if I begin to join some/also if so, what group should I be looking for?

    Do I need to interact with my followers in any sort of way to prove greater legitimacy?

    If it seems like a good % of my followers would be attracted to adult ads POSSIBLY, would I need to go sign up at an adult ad provider or would AdSense suffice? (never looked into this sort of thing)

    Are ADULT Ads high paying on average or does that also vary by country/location of the UC.

    Honest I had a better list of questions before I began writing this thread out, so that's all I have for now. I'll search for the rest that comes to mind before posting another thread. ;)
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