Account Creation on mutiple Blog network with iMacro's & Python

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    Hello Blackhatters,

    I've come here with a small question. I've been searching a bit and googling this and there but I did not find the answer I was looking for. I wanna mass create accounts on 20 to 30 blog networks. First I was thinking about some account creation tools but these are limited in the networks they offer. So that's why I'm left with iMacro's unless someone knows a better solution I like the hear it !

    Anyways I want input a CSV file with basic information for profile creation and which networks to create accounts on. The iMacro's script should then make all these profiles for me and deliver me a CSV file with the username and password of each profile made on. But I'm not sure if this is possible because of email verification for examlple. Anyone gots some good advice here. Also I was thinking to run Python so that he will command every script to run when one is finnished or isnt this a good idea?
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    Aug 24, 2014
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    Is it still open?
    We are ready to perform Account and profile Creation on multiple Blog network. It can be done using Python or .net. I have quick queries :
    => You want web based or desktop based application?
    => If desktop based apps then are you looking for Window or MAC setup or Cross platform application?
    => Provide list of all the modules.

    Regarding email verification, if it will send verification link in associated mail then we can automate verification process as well. Ready to provide you Captcha setting, Delay setting,proxy setting etc...
    Join me on Skype for further discussion : Zesttech15