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    This site (one of many linked)

    Offers to send a tag removal code:
    For a small donation of at least $2.00($5 is fair) we give you rights to remove the tags from the created images (for a full 24 hour period, make as many different layouts as you want in that time). We will send you a "TAG REMOVAL CODE" that is basically a serial number to stop the server from embedding the or TXT2PIC web ad/tag on the bottom of every generated image for a full day (24 hours). Not only do you get one created image with tags removed, you can make as many different styles and sizes and remove the tags from each created graphics.
    You will also be able to use this same code as a "ENTRANCE CODE" to locked sections of our site for the next 24 hours (enter the nude/adult section with your 24 hour entrance code)! We find this is the best way to keep our nude pictures away from kids. Without this code, you cannot even use the topless & nude fan sign generators.
    You will get to remove the annoying tags ( or TXT2PIC web ad tag shows up in the bottom left of free created images in order to promote our free service) showing up on the created images for a full 24 hour period. Make as many as you want for the next 24 hours (after a $2.00 or higher donation)!(this is set at $5.00)

    Problem is they don't send code and don't reply to emails.

    Anyone know how to get at this without throwing away multiple $5.00s

    Many thanks in advance